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Labor Day Holiday

All county, state and federal public filing offices will be closed on Labor Day. In Minnesota, service of process cannot be made on specific holidays. Minn. Stat. 645.44 (Subd. 5) specifically lists the holidays recognized in Minnesota and then says..."Nor shall any civil process be served thereon."

Subd. 5: Holidays. "Holiday" includes New Year's Day, January 1; Martin Luther King's birthday, the third Monday in January; Washington's and Lincoln's birthday, the third Monday in February; Memorial Day, the last Monday in May; Independence Day, July 4; Labor Day, the first Monday in September; Christopher Columbus Day, the second Monday in October; Veteran's Day, November 11; Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November; and Christmas Day, December 25; provided when New Year's Day, January 1; or Independence Day, July 4; or Veteran's Day, November 11; or Christmas Day, December 25; falls on Sunday, the following day shall be a holiday and, provided, when New Year's Day, January 1; or Independence Day, July 4; or Veteran's Day, November 11; or Christmas Day, December 25; falls on Saturday, the preceding day shall be a holiday. No public business shall be transacted on any holiday, except business transacted by the legislature; nor shall any civil process be served thereon. However, for the executive branch of the state of Minnesota, "holiday" includes the Friday after Thanksgiving but does not include Christopher Columbus Day. Other branches of state government and political subdivisions shall have the option of determining whether Christopher Columbus Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving shall be holidays. Where it is determined that Columbus Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving is not a holiday, public business may be conducted thereon.

Any agreement between a public employer and an employee organization citing Veteran's Day as the fourth Monday in October shall be amended to cite Veteran's Day as November 11.

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