Overview of Services provided by Metro Legal

Our around-the-clock availability means that we can provide you services whenever and wherever you need them. Our office in downtown Minneapolis is staffed from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on business days and on Saturday mornings. Your call at any time is immediately handled by our paging service.

We utilize the most currently cost effective technology to maintain contact with our drivers which results in the most efficient services. We provide unparalleled effectiveness in rush and "difficult" service situations.

We will always be here to answer any of your questions to provide information, documentation or even testimony, when necessary. We maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage to protect both your interests and the interests of your clients.

* Certain services that are offered by Metro Legal Services, Inc. are subject to a variable fuel surcharge. The surcharge is percentage based whereby a surcharge is added to each applicable item on an invoice, increasing its charge by the applicable percentage. The fuel surcharge percent is based upon the price for gasoline in the Twin Cities; the surcharge is adjusted periodically to reflect fluctuations in the gasoline market.

Our Legal Services Include: